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Rust Server live today! Starter kits+3 airdrops!

07.11.2017 - 12:11 Server Krinlin #IdieAlot#DerankService

Our newest server, EU Rust Server, officially goes live today. The Rust Server will have 150 slots. We added some plugins for create Clans (/clan). Or for Newbies on rust with the /kit command (Starter Kit, or Builder Kit) with 12hrs cooldown. And a Level system for mining/looting. 

We added a report system like /report <name> <reason>.

The Server restart is everyday 06:00 AM, and the next Server Wipe is: 06.01.2018

For the first join on our new rust server u can get a starter pack. Type /kit in the chat and u can pick 5x (limit) ur start pack. For the airdrops u can contact (cryx, majorflyhigh).

Join our community steam groups and get a special Tag on the Rustserver and a special kit (we release the kit in few days)! eXitus-Gaming on steam | RAIKLESS Community on steam


IP: - [EU] Rust | Kits - Clans - Levels

U found a error/bug? Post it here!: Rust -> Errors/Bugs


Have a nice day, an we hope we see u on our New Rust Server! :)

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