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New things are upcoming!

29.06.2018 - 15:06 News invisible

Hi everyone, we have a new great information for you: we're working on new things. Besides the new Minecraft- server, which is soon online, we have soon an Arma 3- server and a GTA 5- server. Don't worry, you'll notice it early enough when they are online ;).

We're working also on new CS:go-server. In the future you will be able to play on a competitive-server and on a scout-Noscope- server.


In addition we are working on our Teamspeakserver. At the moment we have 32 slots, but in the future we will have more slots.

Here is our Ts3-serveradress:

You have ideas or whishes for new server? Then write it down below!


Best regards,




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