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Halloween Event

25.10.2017 - 21:10 Events Krinlin #IdieAlot#DerankService

Good day eXitus-Community,

As many of you have already noticed the Halloween event on 24.10.2017.

Here you can win great prizes and the only thing you have to do is to play on our servers, including the Awp Noscope, Ghost-Strike, HungerGames, DeathRun, Minigame Course and the Rats Server. The event will take place until 07.11.2017. What can you win? The First place wins  "The Evil within 2", the second place gets "Cuphead" and the third place gets "Borderlands 1-3".

The InGame Commands to see your collected pumpkins, to see the Top10 collectors and to see if there are pumpkins on the current map are: !amount!eventtop and !eventspawn, to get to the event page from InGame and have a look at the current results of the event.               

1. Place 2. Place 3. Place


Mfg. eXitus-Gaming

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