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We collect, process and use your personal data only under the provisions of the German Federal Data Protection Act.


Personal data

Among the personal information including your first and last name, residential address, your e-mail address, telephone, facsimile or mobile telephone number and any other data, are determined by you (including your IP address).

When you access our websites the following of your data is stored on our systems for technical reasons:

  • Browsertype and Browserversion

  • Operating System

  • Refering website

  • Actual site

  • Date and time

  • Your IP address

This data is used to provide our services and to generate statistics and will not be disclosed to third parties except where it should be necessary in cases of legal action.


Disclosure of your personal data

When no applicable law determines the distribution of personal data, these are passed on only with your express consent to third parties. Consent is not required if the transfer to fulfill the contract or service delivery is essential.


Usage data

If user data is stored, it is only used for your billing records of used services.


Storage of server logs

The actions on the public eXitus-Gaming servers are logged for security reasons. In particular, the chat logs of the public servers are logged to detect violations of law committed and to be retrospectively viewed.


Information about cookies

Cookies are small text files that can be stored on your PC and serve technical purposes only. Among other things, we can recognize you by cookies when you visit our websites and provide a more convenient operation of our services.

You can always avoid the storage of cookies by disabling cookies in your web browser. However, note that it can then lead to limitations of our capabilities.


Obtaining information

Upon request we can provide you with information about the data, which were stored on your person or your pseudonym. To provide information, please contact us at:

[email protected]

Alternatively you can request the information in writing. Please send your request to the address stored in Imprint.

Please note that you may need to verify your identity with your identity card to be the owner of the information about you or your pseudonym. This is the only way to avoid misuse.